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BONEFISH: Bonefishing photo North Andros Island, Bahamas. Bob Fisher SportfishWorld © North Andros Island, Bahamas
Andros Island, at over 100 miles long, is by far the largest island in the Bahamas. Yet it boasts a population of only 8,000. Just offshore from North Andros Island are the numerous cays and flats that are world renowned for Bonefishing. Bonefish schools are abundant in the area and can be taken on fly fishing gear or light spinning tackle. It's just a short trip offshore from the boat ramp in Lowe Sound to arguably the best Bonefishing you will ever find. On occassion, Bonefish can be seen swimming the shoreline right in front of the Lowe Sound settlement. One day during my week-long stay on North Andros Island I happened upon an early morning, local angler wading out into the sound at low tide. Shortly thereafter, he caught and released a Bone. I was able to view all of this action whilst standing in the driveway of my house having my first cup of coffee for the day. Later that same day, under the guidance of second-generation Bonefish guide, Franklin Russell, I caught three Bonefish. It was my first trip to the Bahamas and these were my first Bonefish. In addition, I saw numerous schools and some remarkable individual fish that day on the flats off North Andros Island. This place truly lives up to it's reputation - the people of Lowe Sound, the food and the fishing were some of the greatest that I have ever experienced. My thanks go out to Franklin, Shantell and Jah man for making it such a memorable experience and I can assure you that I'll be returning to Andros as soon as I can!

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    Franklin Russell: Second-Generation Bonefish Guide North Andros Island, Bahamas. Bob Fisher SportfishWorld © Franklin Russell: Franklin is a second-generation Bonefish Flyfishing Guide on North Andros Island. Franklin fished with and learnt from his father who was a pioneer in the area. Franklin lives in a house on the Lowe Sound waterfront in the fishing village that faces the many cays just offshore. He's lived here all of his life and he knows these waters (and Bonefish) like the back of his hand.
    Accomodation North Andros Island, Bahamas
    There are various options that we may be able to assist you with in the planning of your Bonefishing trip to Andros Island. There are established Bonefishing Lodges that have their own guides on the Southern end of the Island. They make the 45 minute trip up to Lowe Sound and the boat launch each day. Alternatively, there are a couple of motels that are only 10 minutes away from the boat launch and you can hire a guide like Franklin Russell on a daily basis as needed. There is one house on the Lowe Sound waterfront near the boat launch that the owners if given enough notice, may rent out to you. It is has views to the cays. If you are lucky enough you could stay with a local family like I did and not only enjoy the incredible fishing but also immerse yourself in their culture.

  • Lan' Crab Lodge, Queen's Highway, North Andros Island
    Lan' Crab Lodge can accomodate individual fisherman, large groups or tourists just vacationing on the Island. Lan' Crab is only 10 minutes away from the Lowe Sound Boat Ramp from where you can head out to the Bonefish Flats or participate in other activities like swimming or snorkelling.
  • Arts and Crafts North Andros Island, Bahamas
    If you want a break from fishing or are just vacationing on Andros Island it may be possible to arrange a tour over to Red Bay on the other side of the Island and visit local woodcarver, Wilton Russell. Wilton's work features in stores in Nassau. You can visit his workshop, checkout the latest piece that he is working on and if something catches your fancy, you can buy from him directly.
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