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Here is the main public boat ramp in Karratha. There is also a private boat ramp and another public boat ramp located at backbeach. The public boat ramp is located on The Esplanade just after the Dampier oval about 2 minutes away from the Shell servo. Itís just gone through a recent rebuild so the ramp its self is in pretty good nick and has 4 launching lanes, however the ramp on your far left has a build up of sand at the bottom due to the recent cyclones witch can prevent the bigger boats from launching at low tide. Generally most boats 7.5m and under can launch with the tide down to a meter, any lower then that and it becomes tricky for the bigger boats. On a busy day you will see the entire car park full almost up to the main road (so if you want a good parking spot launch early!). To get out of the harbor can also be a little tricky due to the few shallow reefs and islands so care is needed especially if itís your first time launching. Also take note of the speed restrictions within the harbor and that Sams Island is also a restricted area. Another thing to mention is that Karratha has a tide movement of up to 4.5m so always look at the tides before you plan a trip! There are also 2 big bins in the car park to dump waste in after a big day on the water.